Jan 202014

Since razor has been re-written to razor-server, I had to re-write Chef broker as well. I modeled (copied) the new Chef broker after the original one as much as I could. There were, however, some natural differences and some new challenges. The biggest issue was that since the broker configuration JSON is stored as one [...]

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Jan 202014

If you have not been following google groups and other discussions, this is a summary of the main differences between the original razor and razor-server. The new razor-server is a somewhat different beast than the original razor. If you go to the original git repo, https://github.com/puppetlabs/razor, you will find a note stating “TL;DR: Razor is [...]

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Aug 232013

If you are trying to use razor to install CentOS and are running issues with the chef broker hand off, it is likely that this failure is cause the clock difference between your chef client and chef server. To verify, after install of OS is complete, log into your new node and run chef-client. [root@centos9 [...]

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Jun 032013

There is only one simple answer to this question- none of your pre-filled “What is your favorite _______ ?” will be appropriate for me. The problem with these questions is that they are either hard to answer for me, or too easy for you to find out by checking out my facebook/twitter/linkedin/whatever social networks. Please, [...]

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May 152013

I just started looking at Ceph, and wanted to set it up to be used with DevStack. Ceph website has great documentation, so if you are looking on how to setup OpenStack and Ceph for production use, check it out! However, if you just want to get the DevStack with Ceph running, follow along this [...]

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Apr 242013

This is a post of how helpful people are in the OpenStack community. If you were to visit the lobby of Hilton Executive tower in Portland last Wednesday, you would have seen me and a couple other people making the cloud of USB sticks. Last Thursday, I gave my first ever conference talk/tutorial at the OpenStack [...]

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Apr 232013

Instead of having everyone to install Razor to demo it during the OpenStack Summit in Portland, I created a Razor appliance. Installing and configuring Razor is not difficult, but could be a little time consuming if you do not have either Puppet or Chef already set up and configured. You can, of course, install it [...]

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Dec 122012

Ever wanted to know what information Razor collects about your system that you could lay your hands on? Wonder no more! When handing of your newly created node to a broker, besides installing the client and registering it with the server, Razor also injects custom facts into the new node. They consist of two parts, [...]

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Dec 122012

If you are looking for info on the razor-server broker, check this blog post: http://anystacker.com/2014/01/razor-server-chef-broker/ A few weeks ago i posted about the razor chef broker, while it was still a work in progress.  After some awesome collaboration with Fletcher Nichol, Tom McSweeney, and Cody Bunch, chef broker is now officially part of Razor. Originally, [...]

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