This week, I helped out with a ZeroVM workshop at OpenStack summit in Paris. I been following ZeroVM for a while, and I think it is one of projects that we will hear a lot more about this coming year.

What is ZeroVM? ZeroVM creates a secure and isolated execution environment which can run a single thread or application. ZeroCloud is middleware running on Swift. The combination of these three technologies enables running self contained code directly on the objects stored in Swift. This powerful combination can speed up data processing tremendously.

For a good introduction to ZeroVM, watch the presentation by Carina C. Zona:

Getting started with ZeroVM is not hard, actually, it is very simple. Start by setting up a local environment with Swift and ZeroCloud setup using Vagrant: Once you have the environment,  run the first few examples: This should give you a really great idea how to get started with ZeroVM and start writing your own code.

Watch our hands on tutorial at ZeroVM: